Serious Sous Vide for professionals. The SVR8200 is built from the ground up for professional chefs who run busy kitchens, and rely on their sous vide setup to get the job done. 

*Note: Pictured with SVT2400-KIT cooking bath, sold separately.

SVR8200 Professional Sous Vide Circulator

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    The SVR8200 is fitted with Ratek’s high-flow dual-outlet adjustable pump, which ensures excellent temperature uniformity within even the largest of baths. Coupled with this is a high-power 2.2 kWatt heater which allows the circulator to heat large cooking tanks in less time, and to bring bags up to temperature more quickly.

    The SVR8200 features a large dual line display which is easily visible from anywhere in the kitchen, showing you the set temperature and actual temperature side by side. With a loud built-in alarm system, the unit will both visually and audibly alert you if the water level is too low or the water temperature is too high. It’s also smart enough to indicate if the temperature is too cold after re-filling. The unit is easily transportable from tank to tank with a large universal mounting clamp. When used with a Ratek insulated sous vide cooking bath, the SVR8200 is capable of providing control stability of better than +/- 0.02°C and bath uniformity of better than +/- 0.05°C making it the ultimate tool for the professional chef.

    The SVR8200 is for busy kitchens that need to produce professionals results, on time, every time.