Excellent Temperature Uniformity & Simple Operation. The SVR7100 is designed to deliver professional results in smaller baths making it ideal for short runs and small batches. 

*Note: Pictured with SVT1100-KIT cooking bath, sold separately.

SVR7100 Sous Vide Circulator

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    The SVR7100 is fitted with Ratek’s high-flow dual-outlet adjustable pump, which ensures excellent temperature uniformity even in larger baths. The pump is powerful enough to ensure all spaces between your bags is circulated to achieve a uniform temperature for precise repeatable results. The simple to use precision digital PID control system produces accurate and stable temperatures in a rugged package purpose built for commercial sous vide kitchens.

    The SVR7100 is ideally suited for cooking baths up to 11 Litres in capacity, and is easily transportable from tank to tank due to the universal mounting clamp. All Ratek sous vide circulators are built to withstand the toughest of operating environments and feature a unique vent system to ensure steam is kept away from the control unit. When used with a Ratek insulated sous vide cooking bath, the SVR7100 is capable of providing control stability of better than +/- 0.1°C and bath uniformity of better than +/- 0.05°C making it ideal for even the toughest sous vide recipes. The built in element guard ensures bags cannot come into contact with the heater, whilst the pump and guard can be easily removed for easy cleaning.

    With all the key features that sous vide cooking demands, the SVR7100 sous vide circulator is an essential tool for every commercial kitchen.